As we follow CDC Guidelines to keep everyone healthy and safe we will have the following procedures in place:

>We recommend to keep wearing masks since we are in close quarters, inside doing a strenuous activity. However, if your student is vaccinated it is left to the parent’s discretion. If your student is not vaccinated it is highly recommended that they wear a mask. 

>If your student has a fever or are coughing, or sneezing or have a runny nose please keep them home.

>Students will be given hand sanitizer upon arrival.

>Student must arrive in dance attire. Pre-ballet students should come with their ballet slippers on and a pair of socks pulled over their slippers to walk across the parking lot. The dressing room will not be accessible.

>Students will follow directions by the teacher as to where to place their belongings.

>Only students will be allowed in the studio – parents must wait in their cars.

>Windows will be opened to ensure adequate ventilation in the practice room and an air purifier is used during classes.

>All touch surfaces will be sanitized between classes. The dance floor will be sanitized.